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Cumann na Saoirse Náısıúnta (CnSN) 2015  Easter Commemoration

 CnSN will hold their 2015 Easter Rising Commemoration on Easter Sunday April 5th at the graveside of Joe Stynes, a native of Chill Dara,(Kildare) veteran of the Irish War of Independence and  co founder of CnSN at Woodlawn Cemetery,  East 233 St., Bronx, NY.  Joe’s grave is on the north side of the cemetery, adjacent to East 233rd St          

The graveside ceremony will include a reading of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic, The significance of Easter to Ireland's freedom struggle, the Republican Movement's Easter Statement, Cumann na Saoirse’s Easter Message and the laying of the wreath at Joe Styne's grave by members of his family.

 Following this commemoration, a ceremony will be held at the nearby grave of Fenian Leader Col. Thomas J. Kelly, born in Co. na Gaillimhe (Galway), who with many other Fenians and Clan Na nGael activists set  the path that  helped  bring to fruition the historic Easter Rising of 1916.

 ‘The Countdown to Easter 2016’

After the graveside ceremony breakfast will be served at The Heritage located at 960 McLean Ave. in Yonkers at 10.30am.

After breakfast ‘the Countdown to Easter 2016’ program will commence. This program, initiated in 2010 by the late Irish Republican leader, Brıan Mór Ó Baoıghıll, has included individual tributes to the executed Signatories of the 1916 Easter Proclamation and to the other executed Leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising.

 Proclamation Signatory, Joseph Plunkett, will be memorialized this year. Next year, tributes to Tom Clark and Paraic Mac Piarais will complete the most successful ‘Countdown to Easter 2016’ program .


 Ken Tierney also of Co na Gaillimhe, will receive the Joseph Mary Plunkett Award at CnSN’s annual Michael & Pearl Flannery Testimonial Awards Dinner to be held on Oct 17th in New York.  

For more information please: Email, nymayo@earthlink.net enrightynyc@gmail.com 

 Or call 732 441 9923  Or visit www.irishfreedom.net

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IRPAS Campaign

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Mike Flannery leads the 1983 St Patrick’s Day Parade in New York

 The 1983 St Patrick’s Day Parade holds a special place in the hearts of Irish Republicans worldwide because on this day Michael Flannery, icon of Irish Republicanism was the Grand Marshal of The St Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City - the most prestigious in the world. 

However it was not without controversy as Sen. Ted Kennedy, Former NY Governor Hugh Carey, Sen. Daniel Moynihan and Congressman Tip O Neill, known as the Four Horsemen petulantly refused to attend the parade and railed against Flannery’s role as Grand Marshal.  Cardinal Cooke of the Archdiocese of New York was also opposed to Mike Flannery and pulled the NYC Catholic Schools out of the parade.  The 26 county Dublin government were also most displeased and many felt that they were behind the attempted boycott; that went terribly wrong for them.   

A video tape from the Farley Collection shows Mike Flannery turning the tables during a New Jersey interview about the furor over his pending involvement in the parade, stating that it gave a million dollars worth of free publicity for the Cause of Irish Freedom.  Several of the great heroes and activists of that era can also be seen; including our own Brian Mór among the celebrities at Ó Lunney’s Times Square Pub at the traditional St Patrick’s Day breakfast.  The late Kathy Butler Diaz turned out with a massive contingent of the Mid-Manhattan NORAID including the late Davy Gould.  NORAID contingents from all over the Northeast can be seen along the parade route; as well as the San Francisco NORAID banner. 

Sadly too many of our former comrades and activists; who gave so much of their lives for Ireland’s Cause have since passed away.  The footage documents them doing what they did on a regular basis, marching for the restoration of the 32 County Irish Republic.   click here to view video

The Craigavon 2

Craigavon 2 Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton (the Craigavon Two) were convicted by a non-jury Diplock court for the killing of a member of the RUC/PSNI in March 2009. The case underlines the unchanging nature of British injustice in Ireland. The situation the Craigavon Two find themselves in shows that the infamous ‘conveyer belt’ non-jury Diplock Court system initially put in practice in 'Northern Ireland' in the early 1970s remains in place and continues to imprison innocent Irish men and women on  the basis of evidence that could not withstand legal scrutiny in other jurisdictions. This case is eerily similar to the cases of the Birmingham six and the Guilford

Irish people from the nationalist community cannot receive justice at the hands of a non-jury system that is purpose built to  deliver verdicts on the basis of political decisions and the imperatives of the British State, rather than norms of legal due process. Despite claims to the contrary the case of the Craigavon 2 indicates that British ruled 'Northern Ireland'  is an  artificial & undemocratic statelet that can only be  held in place by use of draconian laws, non jury courts and political prisons. 

We call for the unconditional release of the Craigavon Two and urge concerned individuals to contact civil liberty and human rights bodies and speak out against this latest miscarriage of justice, one in a long litany of such cases experienced by the Irish people at the hands of the British Judicial system. Please visit the following website for more information about this miscarriage of justice.

No welcome for loyalist march in Dublin 

February 13, 2015

The announcement by Willie Frazer on February 10 that he plans to lead a band of loyalist carrying the Union Jack and other loyalist paraphernalia down O’Connell Street with the permission of the Garda Síochána is as provocative today as it was in 2006.  

In 2006 Republican Sinn Féin warned that such a march was likely to provoke a riot on the streets of Dublin. These warnings were ignored by the 26-County Administration and their police force. The outcome was as we forecast due to the arrogance and unwillingness of the political establishment to gauge the public mood.  Any repeat of the attempt to force this march through Dublin will provoke a similar reaction.   

The purported purpose of this march is to raise the issue of victims of the war in the Six Counties. We would point out that such a Loyalist march would pass Talbot St, one of the sites of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 1974, carried out by a British-led and trained Loyalist death-squad. The collusion of the British Government - in the single biggest loss of life during the present phase of the war in the Six Counties resulting in the deaths of 33 people – has never been addressed. Many of those who Willie Frazier represents were armed combatants in that war. Indeed the majority of Protestants to die during the period from 1969 to 1998 died at the hands of loyalist death-squads. Perhaps Willie Frazier should instead be marching on the headquarters of the UVF and UDA? 

Meanwhile, nationalist communities across the Six Counties have to endure each year the prospect of being trapped in their homes because of Orange marches forced through their towns, villages and districts. Such a march in the present context of continued British occupation and the existence of the sectarian and undemocratic Six-County State will not be welcome in Dublin. A recent poll in the Journal.ie on whether he march should go ahead should ahead showed that  84% people were opposed to it and only 3% in favour.   

Racism and sectarianism is on the rise in the Occupied Six Counties of Ulster fuelled in no small part by the fellow-travellers of Willie Frazer who are behind the ‘flag’ protest in Belfast and who are ‘manning the barricade’ at Twaddell, in the Woodvale area for the last two years attempting to harass and intimidate the nationalist community in the besieged Ardoyne area of Belfast. 

Statement from CIRA POWs Maghaberry Goal

Jan 5 2015 

We the CIRA POWs in Maghaberry jail at this time wish to make our position abundantly clear. on, firstly the isolation of Republican POWs and secondly of criminals masquerading as Republicans.

We fully support Gavin Coyle, Barry Pettigrew and Liam McDonnell who are the only Republicans we know of being held in isolation or elsewhere within Maghaberry. We reiterate our stance that they belong on the Republican landings with their comrades; we once again state our unequivocal support and solidarity with them, we will continue to their their plight and push for their transfer to the Republican landings.

On this next matter we wish to make our position very clear in the relation to the recent arrests of a criminal gang who are attempting to masquerade as the CIRA. These individuals do not belong to the Continuity Irish Republican Army whose only goal is an MI5 led incursion, with the sole aim of destroying the Republican Movement. Their criminal exploits are well known in our communities so it would be very hypocritical and unethical on a point of principle to allow this masquerade to continue within this jail.

We will take every action necessary to protect our status and our Movement from these criminals. Some of these men were responsible for death threats against well respectable veteran Republicans, targeted because they saw through their criminal ways. They also facilitated a ‘so called’ republican guard of honour to a Limerick drug dealer who shot himself while playing with a gun during a party.

One of these men originally from Belfast was previously denied access to Roe 3 and 4 in 2010 despite the fact that he had embarked on a hunger strike. He has in the past been a ‘so called’ member of a number of different groups claiming to be Republican and were nothing more than a same criminal gang changing their name in an attempt to disrupt and destroy the name of Republicanism.

We wish to make it clear these men ARE NOT Republicans in particular Joe ‘Tiny’ Lynch who is nothing short of a criminal god father from Limerick who has close connects with feuding Limerick drug gangs.

To give these people support would be catastrophic to Republicanism as a whole.

Signed OC CIRA POW Maghaberry

The Paper Wall, Censorship and Propaganda in the Anglo-Irish War

By: Tomás Aberneth

 Although its been out a few years, Ian Kenneally’s “The Paper Wall, Newspapers and Propaganda in Ireland 1919-1921” deals with issues of censorship, freedom of speech and propaganda that are as timely as ever.  The book reveals much of the attitudes of the British and self defined moderate Irish nationalists during the Irish War of Independence. 

It also reveals something of the attitudes underlying much of the current mainstream historical analysis of this crucial period of Irish history. 

 The book recounts the attempts, largely counterproductive, by the British to use coercion to prevent press coverage of the misconduct of the British forces during the Tan War.  Basic civil liberties, including freedom of  the press, were suppressed by the British.  Newspapers in Ireland were subject to censorship through the Defense of the Realm Act (DORA), then suppression and prosecution of the owners and editors of newspapers that printed anything unfavorable to the Crown Forces.  Republican or separatist newspapers were simply banned outright. Kenneally’s   book, however, does not focus on these small republican or separatist newspapers (sometimes called the “mosquito press).  Instead he focuses on three “moderate” nationalist or Home Rule papers, the Freeman’s Journal, The Irish Independent, and The Cork Examiner, along with two pro-British papers The Irish Times and the Times of London.  Even the three moderate Home Rule newspapers faced censorship, suppression and occasionally violent intimidation by British forces.  The Cork Examiner, among several other papers, for example, was suppressed for a period simply for printing a copy of the prospectus for the Dáil Éireann loan fund.   In late 1920 the owners and editor of the Freeman’s Journal were actually “court marshaled” by the British for publishing accounts of misconduct by the Crown Forces, accounts which appear to have been substantively correct.  The paper was fined and the owners and editor served jail time.  --- continue

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Brian Mor's Cartoons

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This month in Irish and

Irish-American history

Fenian Uprising 1867

On March 4th 1867 -  the Fenian movement launched an uprising against British rule in Ireland. It included a stretch of counties in from Wexford to north to Antrim

The Ballyseedy Massacre

On March 7th 1923 - this day will live in infamy forever amongst the Irish race. On this day in Ballyseedy Co Kerry, the Free State Army executed eight Republican political prisoners by tying them to a tree and detonating a landmine placed under the tree. It was said that the birds ate their flesh off the trees for weeks. (See The Tragedies Of Kerry by Dorothy Mc Ardle)

Gen. Tom Barry

On March 19th 1921 - Gen. Tom Barry in charge of the West Cork Flying Column wiped out a numerical superior force from the Essex Regiment at Crossbarry, Co Cork.  It is believed that the ambush scene from the hit movie ‘ The wind that shakes the Barley’ is based on the Crossbarry Ambush

Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Uprising
 On March 29th 1966 -  on the 50th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Uprising contingents from Welsh, Breton, Manx, Cornish and Scottish liberation movements march behind IRA in Dublin

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