Annie Moore 

On Jan. 1, 1892 -  Annie Moore  aged 15  of Co. Cork was  the first immigrant to  pass through Ellis Island.

Ulster Chieftains'  O' Neill and O'Donnell 
On Jan. 2, 1602 -  Ulster Chieftains',  O'Neill and O'Donnell  were forced to return to Ulster after Spanish Gen Aguila surrendered his army in Kinsale.

Charles Stewart Parnell
On Jan. 2, 1880 - Charles Stewart Parnell began his tour of the US. To this day Irish politicians who support the ongoing British occupation continue this practice. Those who oppose the British occupation are denied entry to the US

‘The Black and Tans'
 On Jan. 2, 1920 -  British prisons became the recruitment centers for the state sponsored terror outfit ‘The Black and Tans' who launched a reign of terror that will never be forgotten in Ireland.

Battle of Princeton

On Jan. 3, 1777 – – the Revolutionary War Battle of Princeton took place resulting in an American victory.  The battle, was one of the fiercest of its size where American troops under General George Washington defeated a force of British Regulars. It was during this battle that Irish-born Colonel John Haslet was killed

The Irish Language
 On Jan. 2, 2007 –Gaeilge became the 23rd Official Language in the EU, thanks to the effort of Nollaig O Gadhra, Gaelic scholar and Iar Uachtarán de Chonnradh na Gaeilge. Nollaig died  in October 2008.

De Valera's anti-IRA legislation 

On Jan. 3, 1940 – De Valera  former IRA leader  introduced  draconian  anti-IRA legislation  in the 26-county Irish Free State.

Martial Law
On Jan. 4, 1921 - in an effort to curtail the IRA,  the British introduced martial law to the counties Waterford, Clare, Kilkenny, Wexford. It did not work as planned as the Irish War of Independence intensified.

Loyalists Attack Civil Rights March

On Jan. 4, 1969 - Loyalists mobs attacked the People's Democracy march  from Belfast to Derry at Burntollet Bridge. Among the attackers were off-duty members of the B-Specials, who formed part of the RUC

Cuba Five Released

On Jan. 5, 1871 the British  release over thirty Fenian prisoners including John Devoy, Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, Charles Underwood O’Connell,  Henry Mulleda, and John McClure The arrived in New York aboard the S.S. Cuba bound for New York where the “Cuba Five” were greeted as heroes by their Irish brethern.

Night Of The Big Wind

On the night of Jan. 6, 1839 - the Night Of The Big Wind or Oiche na Gaoithe Moire took place in Ireland. It was the most damaging storm in Irish history, some winds are estimated in excess of 130 m.p.h. Over 300 lives were lost.

General John O'Neill

On Jan. 7, 1878 -  Fenian General John O'Neill who led the Fenian Invasion of Canada in 1867 died 

Battle of New Orleans

On Jan. 8 1814 - United States forces led by General Andrew Jackson defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans, ending the War of 1812, 1814

Catholics Slaughtered

On Jan. 9, 1642 -  30 Catholics are killed by the Scottish garrison and English settlers at Island Magee, Co. Antrim

Irish Declaration of Independence

On Jan. 13, 2001 - One and a half copies of the most important piece of documentation of the 20th century in Ireland, the Declaration of Independence, is sold to a New York collector for £56,000

Terence MacManus

On Jan. 15, 1861 - Young Irelander Terence MacManus died in San Francisco, CA

Seán MacBride,

On Jan. 15, 1988 - Seán MacBride, IRA leader, politician, head of Amnesty International, and recipient of Nobel and Lenin peace prizes    died. He was born on Jan. 26, 1904

Battle of Cowpens

On Jan. 17, 1871 – the Revolutionary War Battle of Cowpens in South Carolina took place resulting in an American victory; the beginning of a chain of events that lead to independence at Yorktown.

IRA - IRB alliance

On Jan.  20, 1916 - secret negotiations result in alliance of the Irish Citizen Army with the Irish Republican Brotherhood

First Dail Eireann

On Jan. 21, 1919- Daíl Éireann, chaired by Sean T. O’Kelly meets for the very first time at  the Mansion House in Dublin

IRA Ambush

On Jan. 21, 1919 - two members of the Royal Irish Constabulary were shot dead by Irish Volunteers including Seán Treacy and Dan Breen in an ambush at Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary:  That ambush was  the first military action in the 'War of Independence' (Anglo-Irish War).

Tom Williams Remembered

On Jan. 23, 2000 - More than 20,000 people gather on the streets of West Belfast in memory of IRA teenager, Tom Williams, who was hanged in 1942 for his part in the murder of an RUC man

Edward  Bruce
On Jan. 26, 1316 - at the battle of Ardscull, Co. Kildare, Edward  Bruce defeats the army of Justiciar Edmund Butler.

The Emergency Powers Act

On Jan. 28, 1941 - the Emergency Powers Act provided for the censorship of press messages to places outside the Free State

Harrods of London Bombed
On Jan. 28,1993 - the IRA bombed  Harrods of London for the third time in 20 years. Four people were injured


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