Treaty of Limerick 1691
 On October 3, 1691 - the infamous Treaty of Limerick was signed by Dutch born General Ginkel and General Patrick Sarsfield, who was considered to be the last of the leadership Irish aristocracy.

Fenians invade Canada

 On October 3, 1871 - an American based Fenian Army under the command of Gen. John O'Neill invaded Canada at Pembina

Irish Brigade of France

On October 4, 1693 - two years after the Treaty of Limerick, Sarsfield’s Irish Brigade of France fought the first of many battles at Marsaglia in Italy, in the cause of France. 

New York Gaelic Society
On Oct.  5, 1878 - the New York Gaelic Society was formed in New York City

George Harrison  

On October 6, 2004 - George Harrison a native of Co Mayo died at his home in Brooklyn New York. George was a co-founder of Cumann Na Saoirse Náısıúnta  and  remained forever true to the Irish Republic of 1916. 

Wolfe Tone Captured
On October 12,1798 - Theobold Wolfe Tone the leading figure in the 1798 United Irishman Uprising entered Lough Silly with a French invasion fleet off Donegal aboard the flagship Hoche The fleet was intercepted and Tone was captured when the Hoche surrendered. 

Mountjoy Hunger strike
On October 13, 1923  - in a manifestation of the outcome of the 'Treaty of Surrender' Republican prisoners in Mountjoy prison who refused to be treated as criminals begin mass hunger strike.

Sean Treacy
October 14, 1920 - Sean Treacy of the 3rd.Tipperary IRA Brigade and one of Irelands greatest heroes in the War of Independence, was killed in a gun battle by plainclothes RIC men in Talbot Street, Dublin

British surrender at Yorktown

On October 19, 1781, after almost 2 weeks of being under siege, the British troops at Yorktown, Virginia, surrendered to combined American and French forces, effectively signaling the beginning of the end of the Revolutionary War.

Land League outlawed
On October 19, 1881 - two years after its founding The British parliament orders the Land League to be outlawed in Ireland.

Ladies' Land League in New York.
 On October 24, 1880 - Fanny Parnell and her sister Anne established the Ladies' Land League in New York. Known as the Patriot Poet, Fanny Parnell whose brother was Charles Stewart Parnell became the leading spokeswoman throughout the United States for the organization

Toureen Ambush

On October 22, 1920 -- In one of the first major engagements of the Irish War of Independence in the Cork area, about thirty members of the IRA West Cork Brigade ambush a British patrol. Five soldiers from the Essex Regiment of the British Army are killed. No IRA men were harmed

Terence MacSwiney
 On October 25, 1920 - Terence MacSwiney Irish Republican leader and the Mayor of Cork, died in Brixton Prison in London after 73 days on hunger strike.
After the murder of Tomás Mac Curtain, the Lord Mayor of Cork on 20 March 1920, he was elected Lord Mayor of Cork.

United Irishmen founded
On October 26 th 1791 - Theobald Wolfe Tone, a twenty-eight year old Dublin barrister, travelled to Belfast for the founding of the society of United Irishmen.  The society beliefs have become known as the forerunner to today’s Irish republican philosophy. Tone is considered to be the father of modern Irish Republicanism

Assassination of Máıre Drumm
On October 28, 1976 - Máire Drumm, Belfast native and Vice President of Sinn Fein, Irish was assassinated in her hospital bed allegedly by Unionist gunmen. 

Death of Irish-born Confederate General Joseph Finegan
On October 29, 1885 - Joseph Finegan a native of Co Monaghan  who rose to the rank of general in the Confederate Army died in, in Rutledge, Florida

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