Death in Derry
 On Dec. 1,  1848 -- a total of 72  immigrant including men women and children trying to escape the Great Hunger suffocated in the hold of the The Londonderry, in Derry harbor

Death of Thomas Clarke Luby
On Dec. 1, 1901 --  Thomas Clarke Luby, the Fenian leader died in NewYork. 

The Good Friday Agreement

On Dec. 2, 1999 --  The Good Friday Agreement (GFA) came into existence beginning a roll back of Republican gains and the  forfeiture of the Irish Nations boundaries.

UVF  massacre

On Dec. 4, 1971 -- the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) claimed responsibility for a bomb blast that killed 17 people in a Belfast pub. 

Anglo Irish Treaty 

On Dec. 5, 1921 -- Lloyd George, the British Prime minister,  informed the Irish delegation that a rejection of the Anglo Irish Treaty  would result in a "immediate and terrible war" 

The Treaty was signed the following day.

Irish Free State established

 On Dec. 6, 1922  -- Saorstát Éireann, or the 26-county Irish Free State was established

Irish Free State summary executions
On Dec.  8,  1922 -- Liam  Mellows from  Connacht,  Rory O'Connor from Leinster, Joseph McKelvey of Ulster  and Richard Barrett from Munster, all  Irish patriots  were  executed by the Free State Forces.

Sunningdale Agreement Signed

On Dec. 9, 1973 --  the Sunningdale Agreement was signed setting up a council of Ireland’  It was rejected by Provicional Sinn Fein who later accepted the politically less favorable but personally more remunerative Good Friday Agreement  (GFA) in 1998

Martial Law

 On Dec. 10, 1920 -- the British  imposed martial law  in Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Tipperary . The following day Dec. 11, the British declared martial law  in the rest of Ireland and the Black and Tans celebrated by burning and looting Cork City

Border Campaign

 On Dec. 11,  1956 --  the Irish Republican Army (IRA) announced the beginning of   “A Campaign of Resistance to British Occupation". in what became  known as the Border Campaign.  As a result, Internment without trial was introduced in both the occupied six counties and in the Free State.

 Battle of Fredericksburg

 On Dec. 11 - 15, 1862 --   one of the most savage battles of the American Civil War was fought at Fredericksburg  in Virginia. The Irish Brigade under the command of  Brig. Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher led the charge  across open ground  towards the well fortified Marye’s Heights. The Brigade lost over 50% of its troops but advanced further up the heights than any other Union Brigade.

Sinn Féin Election Victory

On Dec. 14, 1918 -- Sinn Féin contested the general election   promising not to represent their constituents  in the Westminster Parliament, but instead would set up a Republican assembly that would form an Irish government for Ireland..  Sinn Féin won over 79% of the popular vote  and 73 of 105 seats including a majority of seats in the Province of Ulster.

The Flight of the Wild Geese

On Dec. 22, 1691 -- most of Patrick Sarsfield’s Irish Army left Ireland in French ships to become the Irish Brigade in the service of France.

Frongoch Prison

 On Dec. 25, (Christmas Day) 1916 --  Irish political prisoners, who were interned at the infamous Frongoch Prison In Wales, were released.  Many of them went on to fight in the War of Independence.

Death of Dan Breen
 On Dec. 27, 1969 -- Dan Breen who shot the first policeman in the Irish war of Independence died in Co Tipperary

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