Eoin Hand ,Irish Brig. General

 On April 1, 1776 - Co Meath born Eoin Hand is appointed a Brigadier General in the Continental Army 

 First Dail 1919

 On April 1, 1919 - Eamonn DeValera was elected president of the first Dáil Éireann

Emergency Provisions  Act

 On April 6, 1973 - the 'Special Powers Act' was replaced in Northern Ireland  by the 'Emergency Provisions Act'

The Special Powers Act  1922

 On April 7, 1922 - the draconian piece of legislation, 'The Special Powers Act' was introduced in the British occupied six counties

 Home Rule Bill introduced

 On April 8, 1886 - Prime Minister Gladstone introduced the Home Rule Bill to the English Parliament

Liam Lynch killed

 On April 10, 1923 - Liam Lynch IRA leader was killed in the Knockmealdon Mountains by Free State forces

Stormont Agreement signed

 On April 10, 1998 - another in a series of British arrangement, for Ireland, 'The Stormont Agreement' was signed.

Mandela advises the IRA
On April 11, 2000 - Nelson Mandela arrived in Dublin. during his stay he advised the IRA not to give up their weapons

 US Civil War starts
On April 12, 1861 - the official  start of the American Civil War  began  with the firing upon of Fort Sumter.

 Over 15,000 Irishmen served in the Union Army and over 4,000 served in the Confederate Army.

Four Courts In Dublin
On April 13,1922 – Republican volunteers, led by Rory O'Connor, took possession of the Four court in Dublin. At the behest of the British, Free State forces attacked with heavy artillery borrowed from the British.

Tricolor Introduced

On April! 4, 1848 - the legendary, Young Irelander, Thomas Francis Meagher displayed the Irish Tricolor for the first time in Ireland.

Titanic sinks ---  at 2:20 AM on the morning April 15,  1912 the Titanic sank after striking an iceberg resulting in the deaths of 1,517 people in one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history.

Mc Curtain Inquest

 On April 17, 1920 - a verdict of willful murder was returned at the inquest of Tomas Mc Curtain, the Republican mayor of Cork.

'Statutes of Kilkenny’, introduced

On April 19, 1366 - the British parliament passed the genocidal, 'Statute of Kilkenny’ banning all symbols of the native Irish culture including Gaeilge and the game of hurling.

Death of James Stephens

 On April 20, 1901, James Stephens, founder of the Irish Republican Brotherhood died.

Death of Walter Macken, author

On April 22,1967 - Walter Macken died at his home in Menlo, Galway. A prolific author, he is best known for his novel Rain on the Wind and his trilogy about the famine - Seek the Fair Land, The Silent People and The Scorching Wind

Easter Uprising begins

On April 24, 1916 - the Easter Uprising began at the GPO in Dublin. The  Rising  was to have  profound and far-reaching effects on Ireland's subsequent history.

Battle of Mount Street Bridge

On April 26,, 1916 - the Battle of Mount Street Bridge in Dublin took place.

GPO bombarded

 On April 27, 1916 - British artillery bombard the GPO. James Connolly was seriously injured during the bombardment

Seamus Mc Elwaine,

On April 29, 1986 - Seamus Mc Elwaine, IRA volunteer  is shot dead in cold blood by members of the British army


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