General John O Neill captured Fort Erie

On June 1, 1886 -- General John O Neill led a Fenian Army of Civil War veterans into Canada and captured Fort Erie

Battle of Ridgeway

On June 2 1866 -- The Fenian Army under General John O'Neill defeated British forces at Ridgeway, Ontario

Death of  Michael Gaughan

 On June 3 1974 -- Michael Gaughan IRA volunteer died on hunger strike while seeking political status in Parkhurst Prison, England

Battle of Cold Harbor

On June 3, 1864 -- the Corcoran Legion  lost  more men at Cold Harbor than any other brigade, North or South. 900 men were shot down in a half-hour that morning accounting for at least a quarter of all the Federal losses in Grant’s assault.

Afterward, two soldiers from the Legion received the Medal of Honor for their valor at Cold Harbor.

Death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald

On June 4, 1798 -- Lord Edward Fitzgerald a leader of the Society of United Irishmen died of wounds at Newgate prison in Dublin after having been denied proper medical treatment.

Battle of Benturb

On June 5, 1646 -- Irish forces under Ulster chieftains defeated the English at the Battle of Benturb

Uprising in Ulster

On June 6, 1798 - Uprising breaks out in Ulster after  Henry Joy McCracken issued proclamation calling United Irishmen in Ulster to arms.

Silken Thomas Fitzgerald

On June 11, 1634 -- Silken Thomas Fitzgerald of Leinster led a revolt against English rule in Ireland

IRA Raid on Gough Military Barracks

On June 12, 1954 -- the IRA made an audacious raid on Gough Military Barracks in Armagh. It marked the beginning of IRA activities in the British occupied Irish counties that led  to what became known as   the Border Campaign

Battle of Ballynahinch  

On June 13, 1798 --numerically superior English forces defeated the United Irishmen at the battle of Ballynahinch.

James Larkin Memorial unveiled

On June 15, 1979 -- a memorial to James Larkin  on O’Connell Street, Dublin was unveiled. Larkin, a revolutionary socialist, dominated the Irish Trade Union movement. G. B. Shaw once described him as ‘the greatest Irishman since Parnell

Death of William Smith O’Brien,

On June 18, 1864 --  William Smith O’Brien, leading member of the literary-political Young Ireland movement died.

Loughinisland Massacre

On 18 June 1994 the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) a loyalist paramilitary group, attacked a crowded pub with assault rifles killing six civilians and wounding five. The bar was targeted because those inside were believed to be Catholics. As of late 2010, the Police Ombudsman is still investigating claims that Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) informers knew the massacre was being planned and that the RUC failed to carry out a proper investigation.

Clan Na Gael Founded

On June 20,1867 - Clan Na Gael, Irish revolutionary organization and the counterpart of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, is formed by John Devoy, Daniel Cohalan and Joseph McGarrity in the USA. The objectives of the organization are to secure an independent Ireland

Theobald Wolfe Tone

Theobald Wolfe Tone who was born on June 20, 1763 was a leading Irish revolutionary figure. He was a founding member of the United Irishmen and is regarded as the father of Irish republicanism. He was sentenced to death for his involvement in the 1798 Rising but died from alleged self inflicted wounds before he could be executed. 

Battle of Vinegar Hill

On June 21, 1798  -- the United Irishmen who were mainly volunteers armed with pikes were defeated by the standing English army at the battle of Vinegar Hill in Co. Wexford.

Four Courts Shelled

 On June 28,1922 -- Irish Free State forces supported by English military personnel and armaments shelled the Four Courts building where the second Dail Eireann was meeting.

Irish Brigade Battled Confederate Forces

On June 27 - 30, 1862 -- the Irish Brigade battled Confederate forces  at GaInes’ Mill,  Savage Station,  Peach Orchard, White Oak Swamp and Glendale in the American Civil War

Connaught Rangers revolt in India

On June 28 1922 -- a  regiment of Irishmen in the English army in India revolted as a result of English atrocities committees against the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising. They were eventually executed.

Death of Jeremiah O'Donavon Rossa

On June 29 1914 --Fenian leader, Jeremiah O'Donavon Rossa died in New York.

Padraic Mac Piarais, the 1916 Easter leader gave his famous oration at his burial

Death of Michael Davitt

On June 30, 1906 -- Michael Davitt, Fenian leader, Member of Parliament and founder of the National Land League, died in Dublin.
Not wishing to have a public funeral, Davitt's body was brought quietly to the . Over 20,000 people filed past his coffin in the Carmelite Friary, Clarendon Street, Dublin

A huge crowd attended his funeral in the grounds of Straide Abbey, in the shadow of the church where he was baptized.


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