Act of Union

On Aug 1,1800 - The British parliament scuttles the Act of Union and dissolves the Irish parliament and transfers legislative powers to Westminster.

Kevin Lynch

On Aug 1, 1981 - after 71 days on hunger strike for political status, INLA volunteer Kevin Lynch died in Long Kesh  in British occupied Ireland.

Burial of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa

On August 1, 1915 -- Irish  patriot Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa was eulogized by Padraic Pearse at his grave in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Kieran Doherty

On Aug. 2, 1981 - after 73rd day of his hunger strike for  political status, Kieran Doherty, who had been elected to represent Monaghan-Cavan in the Dublin Parliament died in Long Kesh in British occupied Ireland.

Roger Casement

On Aug. 3, 1916 - British born Irish patriot, Roger Casement was executed by the British in Bentonville Prison, London.  Known best for his gun running exploits he was also involved with the 1916 Easter Rising and was the last of the leaders to be hung

Know Nothings

 On Aug. 6, 1855 - gangs of Know Nothings in Louisville KY attached catholic enclaves killing over 120 Irish and German immigrants. Neither the state of Kentucky,  the federal government or the leading newspaper families who instigated the atrocities  have ever apologized.

 Thomas McElwee

On Aug. 8, 1981 - the ninth Irish political prisoner martyr, Thomas McElwee, died in Long Kesh on the 62nd day of his hunger strike.


 On Aug. 9, 1971  - Internment without charge or trial is introduced in British occupied Ireland.  It was a dismal failure as it was aimed exclusively at republicans and nationalists. 17 people were killed and scores were injured in the rioting that followed

William Moore

 On Aug.10, 1998 - after serving only 21 years of 14 life sentences William Moore, the last of the terrorist Shankill Butchers Gang is released in spite of the judge's recommendation that he should never be released.

Death of John Boyle O’Reilly

On August 10, 1890 --Irish patriot John Boyle O’Reilly died at his home in Hull, Massachusetts

Act for the Settling of Ireland

 On Aug. 12, 1652 - Cromwell’s solution to the Irish Question ie. ‘Act for the Settling of Ireland' was to confiscate all of the lands in Ireland for his officers and soldiers and send the native Irish  "To Hell or Connacht"

 Michael Collins

 On Aug. 20, 1922 - Michael Collins was assassinated at Beal na Blath in Co Cork during the British instigated 'Treaty War '

William Strongbow

On Aug. 23, 1170 – William Strongbow landed in Waterford at the invitation of arch-traitor Dermot McMurrough. This event was referred to in the Annals of Ulster as “the beginning of the woes of Ireland”

White House set on fire

On Aug. 24,  in 1814, during the War of 1812 between the United States and England, British troops entered Washington, D.C. and set fire to the White House and other public buildings. 

Lord  Mountbatten

On Aug. 26,1979 - Lord  Mountbatten was assassinated off the coast of Co. Sligo by the IRA because of his support for anti-Irish legislation in the House of Lords.

Penal Laws

On Aug. 28, 1708 -the British parliament tightened the Penal Laws passed in 1695 furtheri limiting Catholics rights  

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