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World population in 1801

The origan of the nickname  “The Fighting 69th”

The origin of the name "croppy"

Citizen ceremony for Irishmen killed in Korea

Brehon Law

The Know Nothing

The Sullivan Brothers

Brigadier General Richard Montgomery

Ireland's blasphemy law

Irish slave trade.

Irish emigration to the United States

Preamble to the Irish constitution

Pickett's Charge

Segregated education in the British controlled six Irish counties

Irish-born architect James Hoban designed the original White House

Irish emigration to the United States between 1820 and 1920

Irish-born Major League baseball players.

Free State executions during Irish Civil War

Irish-born defenders who died at The Alamo

Irish-born Medal of Honor Recipients

Margaret Thatcher opposed German Reunification

Irish children living in poverty

Irish immigrants who fought in the American Civil War

The Forgotten Ten

Grosse Isle - isle of sorrow




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