The NIFC will support, through Cabhair in Ireland, the dependants of Irish Republican political activists who are harassed and prosecuted by British and Irish authorities for promoting Eire Nua. This undertaking is an obligation inherent in the NIFC’s founding principles as espoused by Wolfe Tone i.e.,

To unite the whole people of Ireland regardless of religious conviction.

To break the connection with England, the never-ending source of all political evil.

 As a result of constant police harassment at homes and places of employment, political activists and family members are being ostracized and marginalized in their own communities. As an added burden, political activists appearing before non-jury courts are subjected to arbitrary bail conditions that inflict severe hardships on their dependants. These arbitrary bail conditions are tantamount to a virtual state of imprisonment. All of these malicious tactics are designed to silence the voice of Eire Nua proponents, who are viewed by the ruling elite in both states as a threat to the status quo; hence, a threat to their own privileged lifestyles. The NIFC will continue to highlight their plight. 

Campaign Objective

To support the dependants of Irish Republican Political Activists who are harassed and prosecuted by British and Irish authorities for promoting Eire Nua.

Associated Activities

The NIFC will prepare information packages for general distribution containing information relevant to the campaign

The NIFC will implement a Monthly Sustainer to support the dependants of Irish Republican political activists.

The NIFC will conduct a letter-writing campaign targeting newspapers and politicians and other interested parties, regarding issues relating to the treatment of Irish political activists.

Participating in the Campaign

Distribute flyers and other materials detailing the treatment of political activists by he authorities in both states in Ireland for their efforts to promote Eire Nua.

Support the Monthly Sustainer program.  The program operates on the pledge principal, whereby, donors pledge a monthly contribution; the amount to be decided by the donor.  In lieu of contributing through the Monthly Sustainer campaign you can make one annual contribution.

Join with other members and or supporters in a letter-writing campaign.


Contact the National IRPAS Campaign Coordinator for additional information  at


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