The 38th Annual Cabhair Christmas Swim in the Grand Canal, Inchicore, Dublin


Thank you for your past support of the families of Irish Republican Political Prisoners through CABHAIR, for that we and they are most grateful!  Your support continues to be so very meaningful to the prisoners.  Christmas Day 2014 CABHAIR is hosting the 38th Annual Christmas Swim in the Grand Canal, Inchicore, Dublin.  This event is a major fundraiser for the families of Irish Republican Prisoners for which CABHAIR is responsible.  Please remember them again this Christmastime.

  In addition to the Christmas Swim, the National Irish Freedom Committee fully supports CABHAIR through their annual Dinner held May each year in Dublin, Ireland and assigns CABHAIR  proceeds of the NIFC Annual Flannery Dinner.  NIFC accepts donations for a variety of merchandise designed by the late great Celtic Artist Brian Mór Ó Baoighill as well as books and publications all specifically for the support of  IRPOW's. We are pleased to report some of what we have accomplished this year. 

 Recently The National Irish Freedom Committee (NIFC) had the privilege of honoring Gerry Conlon of the Innocent Guilford Four with the Sr. Sarah Clark Award at our Annual Flannery Testimonial Awards Dinner.  Gerry’s story of unjust imprisonment  for 15 years in English prisons was an inspiration to listen to, but alas not one we are unfamiliar with. Gerry also spoke of the plight of today’s Irish political prisoner s and later  spoke at the International Prisoners Day  organized by the NIFC in NYC.

 WE also wish to alert Irish political prisoner activists and possible swimmers in the Tri state area  that the NIFC also supports John Mc Donagh’s (RFE)  New Year’s Day Swim at Coney Island to highlight the plight of IRPOW,s.get together at Rocky’s afterwards

  It is safe to say that appealing for support for Irish political prisoner families is guaranteed a certain amount of success, but it can not become an end unto itself .

‘We must also realize that as long as the Brits remain in Ireland, there will be resistance to their unwanted and illegal occupation, and with resistance comes political hostages!


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