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Implement Maghaberry Agreement -- Belfast Republican Sinn  Féin

In a statement on August 10, Kay Davidson, PRO of the  McKelvey/Steele Cumann of Republican Sinn Féin, Belfast called on the Stormont  Justice Minister David Ford to implement the agreement reached last year on  August 12.

She went on: In the past year the British Administration has  reneged on the deal brokered by Republican POWs, independent facilitators and  the NIPS. The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that the POWs in  Maghaberry have been forced into a position where a dirty protest became  inevitable as it is the only means they have to highlight their situation. This  has lead to the deterioration of the POW's health as well as stopping contact  with their families and even their right to legal  counsel.

Since the breakdown of the agreement Ford and his office have been  reluctant to implement their side of the agreement. The single biggest  stumbling-block has been the installation of the 'Boss Chair'; this would  swiftly put an end to the humiliating and dehumanising process of  strip-searches.

There is no need for a new agreement as a solution was reached on  August 12, 2010. This was signed by all parties in good faith in the belief that  all sides would uphold their part. This is not a political issue, it is simply  humanitarian. We call on all right thinking people in supporting the complete  implementation of the 2010 agreement.

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