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Loyalist sectarian attacks on  Short Strand

The continuing loyalist sectarian attacks on the people of the Short Strand  illustrates the unchanging reality of life for large sections nationalist  community in Belfast and throughout occupied Six Counties. Once again it is the  nationalist people who must bear the brunt of loyalist mobs who have unleashed  havoc in order to further the political agenda of the unionist political  establishment.

The present loyalist riots - ostensibly on the issue of the flying of the  Union Jack flag over Belfast City Hall � have been encouraged and directed by an  unholy alliance of the DUP and armed loyalist death squads such as the UVF and  UDA. None of this is new; traditionally the Unionist establishment have used  armed loyalism as a weapon in its arsenal, to be used either to exert pressure  on the British Government or to terrorise the nationalist community. In this  instance it is being cynically used to further the political ambitions of the  DUP, as it seeks to regain the parliamentary seat it lost to the Alliance Party  at the last British General Election.

The events in Belfast and other areas of the Six Counties over the past  number of weeks underline the abnormality of the Six-County state. As Republican  Sinn Féin warned in 1998, the Stormont Agreement has simply reinforced and  institutionalised sectarianism in the Six Counties. Over the past 15 years it  has served only to deepen the sectarian divide, thus condemning the people of  the Six Counties to an ongoing cycle of sectarian conflict. This cycle of  sectarianism can only be broken by the dismantling of the two partitionist  states and the creation of a New Ireland.

We believe that ÉIRE NUA would allow all sections of the Irish people to  come together in mutual trust and respect, making a reality of the aspiration of  Theobald Wolfe Tone to unite Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter.

Sinn Féin Poblachtach

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