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Republican Sinn Fein Statement re. Budget 

Geraldine McNamara  Dec. 5, 2011

Geraldine McNamara Pro of Republican Sinn Fein said that the Leinster house administrations attempts to pit the working classes against each other should not be allowed and should be resisted.   This budget she said is attempting to do just that. The public sector is pitted against the private sector and the employed against the unemployed and even the old against the young.   No mention of the cost of sustaining the banking system to keep the rich comfortable, and no cuts in ministerial or politician’s wages.     Geraldine said “Brendan Howlin should be ashamed to use the name of labour as the party he is a member of, bear no resemblance of the labour party of Jim Larkin and James Connolly who organised the 1913 lockout against the same social divide that Mr. Howlin supports and is one of.   If the labour party actually supported the workers they would be out on the streets picketing the institutions of the upper echelons of society instead of telling the workers they have no choice.   Saying social welfare has not been cut is a lie as taking six weeks off of the fuel allowance is a major cut on people living below the poverty line.   It is unbelievable of Joan Burton to suggest that it will help lone parents get back to work by cutting their payment when their child reaches seven.

When the economy was viable less than 5% of the population was unemployed now there are 14 ˝%.

Where are the magic jobs that are available to a mother with a young child?

Who will pay for the childcare while the mother goes back to education? (The suggestion by Joan Burton that all lone parents are ill educated).”

Geraldine said that in a few weeks time there will be an attempt to surrender the last vestige of sovereignty by the twenty six county administrations to the European parliament.

The people have to stand as one and say no and not be intimidated like they were in the Lisbon vote and Nice.

Let us not forget the cost the poor are paying for the agreement to support the banks and the unsecured and unguaranteed bondholders who are nothing more than gamblers who lost their bet and we are now paying the price for their mistakes while no penalty is imposed upon them.      

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