2014 Easter Commemoration

At Joe Stynes’s Grave Woodlawn Cemetery Bronx NY 9.00am

 Easter Sunday April 20, 2014 Cumann Na Saoırse Náısıúnta (National Irish Freedom Committee) celebrated the 98th anniversary of the founding of the 32 county Irish Republic by Pádraic Mac Piarais on the steps of the General Post office (GPO) during the Easter Rising on Easter Monday in 1916 in Dublin Ireland. 

The Commemoration was held at the grave of its’ co-founder Joe Stynes in Woodlawn Cemetery, East 233 St., Bronx, NY, followed  by the Countdown To Easter 2016  ceremonial breakfast at the Heritage Restaurant at 10.30 am.  The weather was perfect ensuring that both parts of the ceremony would be carried out as planned.  The attendance was up on previous years, continuing a trend from years past and looking good for 2016.  

The NIFC made this year’s commemorations a women’s event, in recognition of the Centenary of the founding of Cumann na Mban in 1914, two years before the Revolution.  At least 140 of the members of Cumann na Mban were part of all of the Dublin garrisons, including the GPO on Easter 1916.  

 Jane Enright opened the 2014 commemoration at Woodlawn Cemetery, when members of the Stynes family laid a wreath at their father’s grave.  Next Jane called upon Máırín Ó Dubhda, who deferred to her husband Séamus to read Forógra na Cáısce (the Easter Proclamation.)  Jane herself read Cumann na Saoirse’s 2014 Easter Message followed by Suzanne Heller reading the 2014 Republican Statement from the Irish Republican Movement in Ireland.  Suzanne and her husband Byron Heller, long time supporters of Cabhair traveled from Western Pennsylvania to join the commemoration.  Next, Mairéad Dorry, of the Ó Dubhda family read Pearse’s Oration from the Grave of Ó Donavon Rossa assisted by her daughter Cáit.

 Concluding the Woodlawn Cemetery commemoration, which began and finished on time, Jane Enright called on Lynn Stynes, daughter of Joe Stynes to read the late Brian Mór Ó Baoighill’s tribute to faithful Irish Republicans, entitled ‘The Fenian Faith’ .




 Countdown to Easter 2016

 The Heritage Restaurant, Yonkers NY 10.30 AM

After the graveside ceremony a hearty Irish breakfast was served at the The Heritage located at 960 McLean Avenue in Yonkers, NY.  After breakfast. Maggie Trainor MC commenced the Countdown to Easter 2016 This program, initiated in 2010 by the late Brıan Mór Ó Baoıghıll, included tributes to the executed Signatories of the Easter Proclamation and to the Other Executed Leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Maggie called on Brigid Brannigan Farrell to read The Proclamation Of The Irish Republic, followed by the first tribute to Cumann Na mBan delivered by Maggie on behalf of CnSN.

She noted that to mark the centenary of the Republican women’s organization Cumann na mBan, the Dublin-based publisher Cló Saoirse/Irish Freedom Press recently published a history of the organization.  The book ‘Cumann na mBan: 100 Years Defending the Republic’ is written by Cumann na mBan Veteran and Republican Sinn Féin General Secretary Líta Ní Cathmhaoil and Dieter Reinisch, historian at the University of Vienna, Austria.

The book includes 120 pages with previously unpublished documents and photos of Cumann na mBan. It is sold for €12/£10.  Bookshops may ask Cló Saoirse/Irish Freedom Press for cost price.  Special rates are available for public libraries and universities.  The book is available at from Cló Saoirse/Irish Freedom Press, 223 Parnell Street, Dublin 1 and the Ulster Office of Republican Sinn Féin on 229 Falls Road, Belfast.

 Brigid Brannigan Farrell, in memory of her Irish Republican father read her own tribute to Countess Markiewitz whom she heard so much about back in the border counties.

 Next, Maggie called on Mairéad Dorry and James daughter and grandson of Maureen and Seamus O Dubhda to read the tribute to the 1916 Executed Signatories, followed by the 2014 tribute to the Signatory Tomás Mc Donagh delivered by Dan Sullivan representing his wife Catherine.  Maggie called upon her mother, Kitty Farragher Trainor to read a tribute to the other Executed leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising and Sue Miskill from Waterbury CT. delivered the 2014 tribute to Executed Leader, Seán Hueston.  Joan Messina, former partner and soul mate to the late great Brian Mór Ó Baoighill read a stanza of W.B. Yeats’ poem Easter 1916 , followed by  Mary Costello who spoke on the great progress that has been made with the 1916  Centennial Easter Banner 2016  project.

  A very special guest, Maureen Brosnan was introduced by Maggie in response to a request by Séamus Ó Dubhda who knew Maureen’s father, the legendery Tadhgh Brosnan, and a leader in the West Cork/Kerry IRA Flying Column.  Maureen received a grand round of applause as did all of the participants in the proceedings, including Liam Ó Murchu who led the attendance with a lusty rendition in Gaeilge of Pearse’s Óró sé do Bheatha abhaile, followed by other Easter songs where everyone joined. 

In conclusion, Maggie and Jane thanked all present and asked Seosamh (Joe) Ó Flatharta to bring everyone up to date on the US Éire Nua campaign, whereupon Joe pointed out the campaign is a little ahead of schedule pointing to the various EN information packages available for all, including the recently produced EN informational DVD.

 All present were reminded to support RADIO FREE ERIN, the international Irish Republican Voice for the Voiceless.  All marginalized Irish Republicans know the value of Radio Free Erin and must support and have their support counted by pledging to WBAI in anyway they can; the membership of internet listeners is especially valued.  In effort to continue Radio Free Erin, the number of U.S. and International supporters, to our weekly Irish Republican Radio is needed more now than ever.  Pledge and be counted to let it be known Radio Free Erin is important to you!   click here to view video






Cumann Na Saoırse Náısıúnta’s Easter Message 2014

 Upon the completion of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic by Padraic Mac Piarais on the steps of the GPO in Dublin on Easter Monday 1916, the Irish Republic became a living entity, and Ireland was declared free. Amongst the volunteer organizations involved in the Rising throughout Dublin were 140 members of the recently founded Cumann na Mban, who would defend it until this day. In addition to founding the Irish Republic, the Rising also restored the soul of a hollowed out Irish culture that, coupled with traditional Irish Republican enlightenment, made a formidable foe for the British in Ireland.

Despite the executions of the first tier of the Irish Republican military and political leadership by the British in reprisal for the Rising, and although these executions would change the onward march of Irish freedom, the people of Ireland did not falter; and for the next five years wrote the most poignant and bitter sweet chapters of Irish history.

The extraordinary gains of  the landslide victory in the British General elections of 1918, followed by the establishment of the All-Ireland Dáil Éireann in 1919 - the de facto functioning Irish Republican government -   as well as the subsequent victory over the Cromwellian Black and Tan British terror army in the War of Irish Independence, led to the British inviting representatives of the victorious Rising to London for ‘peace talks’.

In retrospect, people now wonder why Ireland is still bleeding from the open wound of British enforced partition and reduced to a British neo-colonial status.

Members of the noble executed Rising leadership, were replaced by malleable individuals in the delegation with whom the British toyed and sent back to a partitioned Ireland, a coup d’etat, to set up the 26 county Irish Free State, and to eliminate all traces of the 1916 Irish Republic.  In return, the 26 county state, a parody of the 32 county Irish Republic, would become the perfect British neo-colony, but fail to kill Pearse’s Irish Republic.

The fact that we, CnSN and countless others commemorations are taking  place all over the world to day  ensures that the 32 County Irish Republic that so many have sacrificed their lives for is still a living entity from which we take solace as we organize and promote Éıre Nua (New Ireland), the natural inheritor of the  principles of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic 

Éıre Nua (New Ireland) is an Irish authored peace plan and political solution for a united Ireland based on human rights, sovereignty and a federal governmental structure.  CnSN believes the Good Friday Agreement, and the St. Andrews Accord, far from being the only path to peace, is actually postponing a true and lasting solution. The current “peace process” promises mutually contradictory goals to the opposing political and religious communities and has instituted those opposing ideologies in government and promoted apathy towards Irish unity among the people in the south.

Éıre Nua, unlike the Good Friday Agreement, is an Irish authored, Irish centered plan to establish a permanent peace in Ireland, not a temporary show of peace which will end when the rock-throwing youth growing up in the steadily increasing sectarian society trades in their stones for guns.

 The “Big Lie” that the GFA is the only path to peace can be witnessed in our own Congressional Record of June 19th, 1973, when the Eire Nua policy was included, in recognition of its’ validity and importance as a proposed solution to Ireland’s woes

Our goal within the next two years, is to have the appropriate US Congressional Oversight Committee hear our Irish American voices in all matters pertaining to American policy on Ireland. In addition, we will weigh in and challenge the foreign meddling in Irish American organizations by the Dublin and British governments, intent on keeping the Irish nation and its’ exciting potential, divided, for the benefits of the ruling elites.

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