Cumann na Saoirse Náisiúnta ---2015 Easter Message

To our friends, comrades, and supporters gathered worldwide to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the great Easter Rising, we extend our greetings and solidarity. We thank all those returning from years past, and welcome those joining us for the first time.  This year, as part of the “Countdown to 2016” program, we honor Joseph Plunkett.  Plunkett's diverse roles and interests – cultural, political, military, linguistic – demonstrate the broad range of fronts that colonialism assaults the occupied people.  Plunkett's love for his land and his people, lead him to engage the enemy on all these fronts.   May his inspiration guide us and give us renewed resolve as we enter this new season.

        As we approach the Centennial Anniversary of the  Rising of 1916, we witness renewed violence and oppression by those remaining supporters of the failed partitionist British arrangement known as the GFA. Despite all the new dresses, the GFA is nothing more than yet another pig from the same stable as Sunningdale, Hillsborough, and as far back as the Government of Ireland Act. The current “peace process”, which is long on process and short on peace, serves only to copper-fasten British instigated sectarian hatred and reinforce the bloody, open sore of Ireland's partition. It is neither a solution nor a stepping stone to a true, just, and lasting peace.

        We extend solidarity and regards to the Republican prisoners of war in Maghaberry prison, as well as their families who are undergoing extreme hardship and torture at the hands of the British injustice system.        

The British and their various Irish accomplices, including the 26 county administration, are intent on promoting their ongoing occupation of Ireland is “normal”, especially under the GFA. Indeed, the injustices of partitioned Ireland have been all too “normal”, as in the case of the Craigavon 2, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton.  These innocent men were convicted by a special non-jury “Diplock” court illustrating the latest case of the perpetual injustice of British rule. The situation the Craigavon Two find themselves in shows that the infamous “conveyor belt of injustice”, the non-jury Diplock Court system initially put in practice in 'Northern Ireland' in the early 1970s, remains in place and continues to imprison innocent Irish men and women on the basis of little or no evidence.  It is no wonder that the late Gerry Conlon, himself  along with the rest of the Guildford 4 victims of the same British injustice system, cared and struggled so deeply for their release.  Considered along with the Birmingham 6 and others, we can truly say that these miscarriages of injustice are unfortunately quite “normal” in partitioned Ireland.  If the corrupt administrations actually listened to those they purport to represent, they would be well aware the people are fed up with “normal” and demand better.

        We call for the unconditional release of the Craigavon Two and urge all freedom loving people to contact civil liberty and human rights organizations as well as speak out personally against this latest judicial atrocity, one in a long litany of such cases experienced by the Irish people at the hands of the British injustice system.

        The forces that profit from the status quo in Ireland would have you believe there are no alternatives to the current situation. They would have your elected officials support not what is best for the people of Ireland or America, but what is best for their profit margins. They would bury this proposal, and keep the Irish people subjugated yet longer.  We said many years ago, we would smash down the wall of silence regarding Éire Nua and take these misleaders to task.  Thanks to the efforts of Éire Nua activists in America, we have taken great strides in raising awareness of this dynamic, rational, and unique program for peace in a united All-Irish Republic. The proposal has been received the growing endorsement of Irish America thanks to their ceaseless efforts.  Members of Congress are being reminded and reintroduced.  Éire Nua's call for a federal Republic with maximum devolution of power down to the community council level would ensure each community's ability and right to celebrate their tradition and culture and respect as equals under the common name of Irish person. Acknowledging as much, it has even been endorsed by Unionists, entered into the US Congressional Record, and is the subject of cables from the Carter administration released by Wikileaks.

        That Ireland is sick, attacked from within by corruption and partition, while besieged from without by the continued British occupation, cannot be denied.  The resurgence of political policing, the criminalization of dissent and protest, significant homelessness and growing poverty, narcotics abuse and alcoholism – all of these evidence of the festering wound of partition and the failure of the status quo.  Waves of emigration once again sweep the land, robbing Ireland of her youth and her future..

        Only Éire Nua currently offers these possibility to bring about these necessary preconditions.  Once again, we must act now before the situation worsens – for both morality and reason demand it.

        An phoblacht abú! Long live the All-Ireland Republic!