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The Day of Fire and Hate

For centuries those two words (the twelfth) were enough to terrify nationalists and Catholics alike in British occupied north East Ireland.

 The Twelfth of July is the day that the fundamentally sectarian Orange Order (1789) has engaged in orgies of triumphalist marches and massive hate bonfires in full view of the public and with the acquiescence of the British government.  Their only known heir, The American KKK, have left their mark on history and  have also adopted fire and  flames as its favorite weapon of terror 

 The main reason for marching has always been to re-enforce  the regimen of terror and to flaunt the symbols of Orange Triumphalism. The routes chosen to march are deliberately routed through nationalist areas even when the residents have openly opposed what they consider to be sectarian marches. 

 While many nationalist communities and enclaves in British occupied Ireland can relate horror stories after Twelfth parades, very few politicians have called for their termination. In fact former Republicans who now serve British interests in Ireland appear to be making underhanded arrangements to force some particularly contentious Orange parades into areas where they are not and never have been welcome.

These former pseudo republicans politicians, including Gerry Adams, who dismissed  the non-sectarian and Irish authored the Eire Nua federal policy at the 1983 Sinn Fein Ard Fheis ‘a sop to the Loyalist’ now feel obliged to grovel to the sectarian divisions that the British created and maintained through the ‘1998 peace arrangement ‘.

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