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"Knight of the British Empire"

Part of the American-Irish "Gang of Four" whose collusion with the Free State collaboration with the occupation, by a foreign power, of those six of the divided Irish Province of Ulster's nine counties known as "Northern Ireland" lives in infamy, "Sir" Teddy Kennedy, has earned the recognition that comes with accepting such a so-called "honor" ("Knight of the British Empire" - 4 May 2009) from a German usurper in London.  It truly reflects the magnitude of the harm which he, personally, did to the Cause of Irish Freedom - his contribution to the perpetuation of the Partition of Ireland.  
He is an embarrassment to Irish America and a disgrace to the memory of his brothers , President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy  and Lieutenant Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., US Navy (killed in action, World War II)all of whom died in the service of their country, and an embarrassment to "The Boys of Wexford", one of whom is counted among his ancestors.  That such treachery not be forgotten, it is to be devoutly hoped that record of this so-called "honor" (KBE) be carved on his tombstone, right under "Hero of Chappaquiddick."  

To the extent that he deserves to be remembered at all, it is only as part of the same category of villains as Ephialtes, Pierre Lavalle and Vidkun Quisling.
Is mise, le móir-mheas,
Liam Ó Murchadha

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