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Provisional Sinn Feins' 2016 strategy in tatters

 McGuinness will not be on the steps of the GPO on Easter Sunday 2016 taking the salute of the 26-county army as envisioned by his cohorts and starry-eyed followers. 

The strategy conceived by McGuinness and Adams to highjack the 26-county state’s official centennial commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising did not anticipate the tenacity of the state’s political elite in protecting what they consider to be their own rightful spoils.  

Provisional Sinn Fein, buoyed by their successes in the 26-county state's general election held earlier this year, believed that the time was right to mix it up with their less sophisticated southern cousins, by having their own Martin vie for the ceremonial office of president.  

Believing that the "peace process" was the magic formula for success they ventured south to claim the prize and set the stage for 2016. After all, the "peace process" got them U.S. visa’s, invitations to Downing Street and the White House – if that was not a formula for success -- what was?.  

Their foray south was a lesson in reality for Provisional Sinn Fein and, especially for McGuinness and his dream of acceptance, respect, pomp and ceremony befitting a 'man of peace'.  Not too many of his southern cousins believed him to be such a man.  Many questioned his sincerity, honesty, memory lapses and, above all, his motives. 

His understanding of his southern cousins was somewhat off target to say the least. He did not appreciate their skepticism regarding his role as a minister of the crown administrating British rule in Ireland, while at the same time donning the mantle of Irish Republicanism. For him, this was not an issue up north -- why should it be down south.   

Up north he could use his "heavies" to enforce such a charade.  Down south he was an interloper without clothing


Mac Coisdealba 1029/2011


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