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England versus Ireland rugby game in Croke Park. 02/24/07

Ireland plays England in a rugby game in Croke Park, Dublin today, Saturday, February 24, 2007.

The last time  the British came to Croke Park was on November 24, 1921 where they opened fire on Gaelic football fans attending a game between Dublin and Tipperary.  They murdered 14 innocent civilians that day in what became known in Irish history as the first  "Bloody Sunday".

There has never been any attempt on the part of the British government to apologize for this and other atrocities committed by their military and intelligence forces in Ireland.  Instead, with the help of their Irish collaborators they managed to convince the world that their Irish victims were and are to blame. 

Notwithstanding the fact that there are excellent rugby grounds in Ireland where the game could be played, the British, in there cunning ways, choose to return to the hollowed grounds of Croke Park as if nothing had happened there. At the very moment the English anthem is played there will be glasses raised in London in celebration of another job well done. The results matter little, but the attendant fanfare contributes to the appearance of normalcy throughout Ireland. 

Faithful Irish republicans will protest this display of British triumphalism to the extent that the 26-county authorities will allow. In spite of the normal state harassment, true republicans will continue to protest such indignities as long as the British occupy six of Ireland’s 32 counties. 

To put the matter in perspective, can anyone imagine an Irish hurling game being played at 'sacred' Lords cricket grounds?

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