The NIFC program ‘Our Irish-American Cultural Heritage - Linking the Past, Present and Future’ has been established for the purpose of preserving our Irish-American cultural heritage and the Fenian traditions passed on to us by our exiled Irish forebears. Our forebears who came to America to escape oppression, poverty, persecution, freedom of expression, censorship etc., contributed enormously to America’s freedom, culture and prosperity. They and their descendants fought in the War of Independence, Civil War and in every war since then when America’s interests were threatened. The NIFC will commemorate and honor their contributions and will carry on their tradition of helping their former homeland in its struggle for freedom, independence and reunification.

The following campaigns seek to fulfill this undertaking.


Our Exiled Forebears Awareness Campaign

The National Irish Freedom Committee (NIFC) engages in cultural related activities for the purpose of providing a medium to raise the cultural and historical level of awareness amongst those of Irish heritage to ensure that our cultural heritage, values, and Fenian traditions are preserved for future generations of Irish-Americans.

Down through the centuries Ireland has produced some of the world's greatest scholars, writers, poets, and artists. Because of prejudice and intolerance many of these talented individuals left Ireland to practice their art elsewhere. Many others who left Ireland because of political activism, famine or lack of opportunity became in their own right renowned statesmen, politicians, judges, doctors, businessmen and women in their adopted countries. All of these individuals make us proud of our Irish roots and we cherish their contributions to our proud heritage.

The NIFC will support other Irish-American organizations engaged in promoting our cultural heritage. In addition, the NIFC will pursue its own initiative to raise the level of awareness of Irelands' struggle for its independence in a reunited sovereign nation free to determine and charter its own destiny.

The Irish Republican Activists Support Campaign

The NIFC supports the dependants of Irish Republican political activists, through Cabhair in Ireland, who are harassed and prosecuted by British and Irish authorities for promoting Eire Nua. This undertaking is an obligation inherent in the NIFC’s founding principles as espoused by Wolfe Tone i.e. 1) to unite the whole people of Ireland regardless of religious conviction and 2) to break the connection with England, the never-ending source of all political evil.

As a result of constant police harassment at homes and places of employment, political activists and family members are being ostracized and marginalized in their own communities. As an added burden, political activists appearing before non-jury courts are subjected to arbitrary bail conditions that inflict severe hardships on their dependants. These arbitrary bail conditions are tantamount to a virtual state of imprisonment. All of these malicious tactics are designed to silence the voice of Eire Nua proponents, who are viewed by the ruling elite in both states as a threat to the status quo; hence, a threat to their own privileged lifestyles. The NIFC will continue highlight their plight.

The Eire Nua Awareness Campaign

The NIFC will engage in informational related activities to increase the level of awareness in the U.S of the Irish authored Eire Nua political program and the proposals contained therein to achieve a just and lasting peace in Ireland

Eire Nua (New Ireland) is a comprehensive Irish authored political program designed to achieve a just and lasting peace in Ireland in the context of a British withdrawal. Initially proposed by the Republican movement in 1972, Eire Nua would reunite the British occupied six counties of Ireland with the rest of Ireland in an all-Ireland federation comprised of the four historic provinces of Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connacht. The principle on which Eire Nua is based, envisions a system of government in which all creeds and traditions would be represented and all citizens could exercise real power, without any one group infringing on the right of others.

This comprehensive and far-reaching program is in stark contrast to British imposed arrangements such as the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921, Sunningdale, Hillsborough and the faltering Good Friday Agreement, all calculated to copper-fasten and legitimize British control over the occupied six counties of Ireland.

The NIFC will also endeavor to engage political leaders, the media and the American public in bringing pressure to bear on the U.S. government to reverse its selective visa denial policy directed at Eire Nua proponents. Eire Nua is a comprehensive Irish formula for a just and lasting peace in Ireland in the context of a British withdrawal. More importantly Eire Nua is an Irish alternative to the faltering British-initiated Good Friday Agreement, an arrangement that after many years in existence is still ineffective.  


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