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NIFC Eire Nua/VDRC Delegation visit Washington DC

A delegation from the National Irish Freedom Committee's (NIFC) Eire Nua/Visa Denial Repeal Campaign (VDRC) initiated campaign action on April 20, 2010 with a visit to Washington D.C. The N.I.F.C. delegation was able to address concerns with nineteen members of the U.S. Congress pertaining to the unworkable British sectarian arrangement in north east Ireland; while presenting the Irish federal peace proposals as a viable alternative to this failed British arrangement.

The delegation met with Mary McDermott Noonan, (Chief of Staff) for N. J's. 4th district Congressman Christopher Smith. Ms. Noonan took ample time out of her busy schedule to listen to the delegation's concerns pertaining to the current sectarian arrangement in Ireland, and the benefits of the Irish federal solution, `Eire Nua,' promoted by the NIFC

The U.S. State Department's visa denial policy- imposed upon proponents of the Irish federal solution (Eire Nua) - was briefly discussed, and opposed by the delegation as an affront to our right to the freedom of information pertaining to U.S. foreign policy on Ireland.

The visit to Congressman Smith's Washington D.C. office was productive toward achieving the Eire Nua/VDRC's objectives, and we look  forward to working with them in the future.
The delegation met briefly with representatives from Congressman Paul Hodes (2cd district N.H.), Congressman Robert Brady (1st district Pa.), and Senator Arlen Specter (Pa.) the representatives of these respective offices also took time out of their schedules to hear our concerns and ask questions. The group was able make contact with various other offices, and left campaign literature for future follow-up.

This historic endeavor by the National Irish Freedom Committee hopes to revive activism in the U.S. toward achieving our common goal which is a free and sovereign federal Irish Republic.

The Eire Nua/ VDRC co coordinators will be meeting in the near future to construct a very organized legislative action campaign. The group will also look to build support for the campaign objectives in the respective constituencies of our federal and state representatives by addressing the grassroots support base in these areas. For more information on how to become involved please contact:

Brian Wardlow at
Cumann Na Saoirse Náısıúnta
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