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The New Jersey Champions of Irish Freedom Commemoration

The New Jersey Champions of Irish Freedom Commemoration took place, as scheduled, on October 17, at Cryan's restaurant in South Orange NJ . The esteemed Champions commemorated, all unrepentant Fenians, included John Cryan, Bart Dougherty, Peter Farley, Bernard, Mackle, Michael Long and Peter Quinn. The sponsoring Fenian Graves Association, whose aim is to record and keep alive the deed of our departed Fenian heroes and heroines, wishes to thank family members and friends whose enthusiastic support made the commemoration a successful and memorable experience.

The commemoration was well attended by family members, friends and fellow activists of seventies, eighties and nineties. That period of time saw the resumption of armed resistance, internment, state sanctioned torture, hunger strikes, unsavory political deals and betrayals in the six occupied Irish counties. The massive show of support here  in the U.S. for the brave men and women who bore the brunt of the British onslaught was led by men and women such as our own Champions of Irish Freedom.

After watching video clips of the many functions, demonstrations and parades held in New York and New Jersey during that period  many of the attendees realized that they were there when history was being made and that their participation and activism was the storyline for another chapter in the epic Irish-American saga.


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