Cumann na Saoırse Náısıúnta

National Irish Freedom Committee

Washington, D.C.  5 /2/ 2012

By: Dominick Bruno

A delegation from Cumann na Saoirse Náısıúnta, accompanied by Mary Ward of Republican Sinn Féin, conducted a
Congressional awareness campaign on May 2nd to promote the Éire Nua peace plan. The delegation also served to launch the new pamphlet from CnSN, "Éire Nua: Peace, Dignity, & Prosperity in a United Ireland". The tri-fold pamphlet contains current quotes and information on the rise of emigration, the cases of Martin Corey and Marian Price, the failure of the "peace process", the continuing policy of visa denials to prominent Republicans, and, of course, the solution: Éire Nua. As Mary said to one aide, "So we've had a 'peace process' - fine - but when shall we get the peace? When does the 'process' end? They have no plan. There has been a plan since 1972 - before the current 'peace process' - the Éire Nua plan. Éire Nua can end the 'process' and bring the peace."

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