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NIFC Statement regarding the detention of Gerry McGeough

15ú Márta 2007

The National Irish Freedom Committee condemns the arrest and detention of Gerry McGeough, Stormont candidate for Fermanagh, South Tyrone. On the day of the election count , McGeough was arrested while leaving the count of the ballots, held for several days, and subsequently charged with attempted murder for an incident that occurred 1981.

This arrest cannot be seen as anything but politically motivated, in light of it’s timing, which coincided with the day of election count, as well as the fact that new forensic tests have linked several high profile members of Provisional Sinn Fein with more serious allegations, yet they have not been arrested. McGeough had based his campaign platform on opposing Provisional Sinn Fein’s decision to encourage republicans to join the British police force, ironically arguing that the police force, functioning solely to further the British political agenda, was so corrupt that it could not be fixed, even from within. Unfortunately for McGeough and his family, his arrest has demonstrated that his concern was well-founded. Although the Provisional  Sinn Fein party has condemned the arrest, their words are hollow, as they continue to urge republicans to join this "impartial" police force.

This St. Patrick’s Day, the ironies continue.

While Gerry McGeough will be sitting in jail, the people in charge of the armed struggle in 1981, and the Provisional Sinn Fein party today, will be feted at the White House, and sitting in Madison Square Garden, watching a boxing match in New York.

Their job will be to provide a green wash for the ugly face of the unchanged British occupied six county sectarian politics  .

However, the ongoing  protests for political status by Irish political prisoners  in H.M. Maghaberry Prison in the six counties and in Portlaoise in the 26 counties because they oppose British rule in Ireland shows clearly that the more things seem to change  in Ireland, the more they remain the same. 


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