Cumann na Saoirse Náisiúnta

National Irish Freedom Committee

Statement condemning the decision by the Provisional Sinn Féin encourage republicans to join the British police force in Ireland

 28Ú  Eanair  2007

 The  National Irish Freedom Committee (NIFC) condemns the decision of the Provisional Sinn Féin party to encourage members of nationalists communities to join the British police force in the occupied six Irish counties . The British police force has and will continue to use violence, terror, intimidation and assassination to control republicans and maintain a British state in Ireland.

For the price of a few minimum wage jobs, Provisional Sinn Féin has agreed to become part of that same police force in its mission to uphold British rule in Ireland.
Former Irish Republicans Adams and McGuinness are now no more than Members of the British Parliament and recruiting sergeants for the British police force in Ireland.

While it is tempting to wax nostalgically about the character of republicans such as Michael Flannery, who refused to accept Free State medals and pensions, Mr. Adams could have clearly articulated that the price for giving up the struggle for a united Ireland was a home in Co. Donegal, a book deal and a British pension.


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