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Published in the tricityherald.com on Sept. 8, 2011

England out of Ireland

The recent riots in England brought about an interesting quote from British Home Secretary Theresa May: "I don't think anybody wants to see water cannon used on the streets of Britain, because we have a different attitude to the culture of policing here. We police by consent and it depends on that trust between the police and the public."

What this means is that it is OK to use tactics such as water cannon or rubber bullets in "backwaters" such as the north of Ireland, but using them against people in England would be just unconscionable.

Quotes like these sum up the reasons that Ireland needs to be completely independant of England and her politicians. They don't care about Irish citizens, they don't feel they are in the same class, and so they should not be allowed to continue their occupation of six Irish counties.

As an aside to another part of her quote, there is little chance of any Irish nationalists trusting the British police, who have long been suspected of collusion with loyalist paramilitaries. Only a free Ireland can see a true and just peace for all of her citizens -- equally.

D.S. Levey, Pasco

Published in the Irish News, July 14, 2011

Why is SF unwilling to halt strip-search brutality

Thirty years ago republicans were in the midst of a hunger strike which would claim the lives of 10 heroic patriots. This protest of last resort followed years of ‘naked brutality’ in which the blanket men and women were beaten and brutalised, often during mirror searches or strip-searches.

Many supporters of the H-Block Armagh prisoners, Cardinal O’Fiaich foremost
among them, did not endorse the armed campaigns of the IRA or INLA.

However, they unapologetically backed these prisoners on humanitarian grounds and pointed out that republican political prisoners had been charged under special laws, tried before special non-jury courts and declared guilty by Diplock judges. Even hostile commentators acknowledged that most republican prisoners would never have been imprisoned but for the age-old struggle against British rule.

For many of us who supported the hunger strikers it is deeply troubling today to see republican prisoners in Maghaberry made suffer the very same tactics of ‘naked brutality’, which the British used in their failed attempt to criminalise Brendan Hughes, Bobby Sands and their fellow republican prisoners.

Today’s republican prisoners and their families must take little comfort that such vicious policies may be sourced in London but are now relayed through a compromised justice minister, jointly picked by the DUP and Sinn Fein.

David Ford’s Thatcher-like cries of “no concessions” are hardly softened by the fact that Sinn Fein gifted him with the post he now uses to renege on the settlement signed and agreed last August.

How can Sinn Fein - especially party members, who personally suffered prison
beatings and wrongful convictions - show us less interest in safeguarding republican prisoners from brutality than the DUP or David Ford In brutalising them?

It must be asked, is Sinn Fein on the same humanitarian basis as Cardinal O’Fiaich among so many others backed the blanket men, unwilling to halt strip-search brutality meted out to break republican prisoners in Maghaberry?

Worse, are they unable to do so despite the Stormont posts they hold and their arrangement with Ford? Surely the legacy of the Hunger Strike and blanket protest must come to more than this.

MARTIN GALVIN --- New York City

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Published in the Irish Echo, My 25-31, 2011:

I have only one comment for the “let byegones be byegones” attitude we have heard from politicians, political commentators and the media about the British queen’s visit to the 26 Counties this week. When England leaves the Six Counties and the Irish Republic of 1916 is re-established, I will consider letting bye-gones be bye-gones.

Jane Enright, Woodside, New York

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Published in SAOIRSE  May 2011

To the editor:

I read with interest Martin McGuinness’ latest statement about the so-called dissidents living in a “fools paradise” and his statement parroting Adams that they are not the Irish Republican Army.

 The IRA exists for a single reason – to rid Ireland of the British presence and reunite the island.  Adams and McGuinness, both panderers to British interests, have absolutely no historical right to the name considering their abandonment of the basic tenets of Republicanism. McGuinness himself should embrace reality and realize that it is he who is in a fools paradise, not those who remain true to the legacy of Tone,

Emmet, the United Irishmen, the Fenians, the men of 1916 and beyond.

 Like so many who have come before him, it is he and his failed politics that will be relegated to the dustbin of history, not those who are willing to sacrifice all for their love of their homeland.

 In this, the thirtieth anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike that left ten men dead, we should all re-examine the legacy of the GFA and ask ourselves how much ground we are willing to cede  in the interests of a united Ireland.  Violence may not be the ideal route, but to back down now and give way to the traitorous policies of Sinn Fein is a far greater crime against the Irish nation than what has come before.

 The IRA is, contrary to statements made by both Adams and McGuinness, “history” only in the context of being part of a much bigger story that is yet to be written.

Gary Delaney, Toms River, New Jersey

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Published in the Hibernian Digest April/May issue 2011

Dear Editor,

As we approach Holy Week, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and the commemoration of the Easter Monday uprising in Ireland, the preamble of our AOH constitution referring to "achieving the complete independence of Ireland" should be our inspiration.

At O’Donovan Rossa's graveside in 1915, Patrick Pearse spoke "on behalf of a new generation ... re-baptized in the Fenian faith that has accepted the responsibility of carrying out the Fenian programme ... and bound together in brotherly union for the achievement of the freedom of Ireland. And we know only one definition of freedom, it is Tone’s definition, it is Mitchel’s definition, it is Rossa’s definition. Let no man blaspheme the cause that the dead generations of Ireland served by giving it any other name and definition than their name and definition."

Those of us Hibernians, who commemorate and honor the sacrifices of the men and women of 1916, are identifying ourselves as another new generation summoned by those we commemorate to be re-baptized in the Fenian faith and to take our share in the responsibility of carrying out the Fenian program. That Fenian republican program has two main objectives: "to break the connection with England the never failing source of all our political evils" and the right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland, unfettered, sovereign and indefeasible.

The British occupation of the six northeast counties began with the confiscation of Irish land with the British plantation of Scots and English in Ireland. A few centuries later it was followed by the British Government of Ireland Act of 1920 establishing the "Government of Southern Ireland" under British supervision and the Stormont government in "Northern Ireland" controlled by the Unionists. This was a direct nullification of the sovereign will of the Irish people as a whole exercised in the last all-Ireland democratic election of 1918 and the suppression of the new 32 county republic.

At the time, republicans were duped into believing that the partition was a stepping stone to a united Ireland. Nine short years from now the British will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of that stepping stone. The final phase of British occupation was solidified in 1998 with the Good Friday Agreement power sharing assembly in the re-established British colonial Stormont government. Again republicans were told this was just a stepping stone. The British controlled six counties now has the aura of legitimacy because the Irish themselves have a share in its government. According to Provisional Sinn Fein counselor Francie Molloy as quoted in the March 28, 1999 London Sunday Times, "Republicans are prepared to administer British rule in Ireland for the foreseeable future. The very principle of partition is accepted."

Where does this leave us today at Easter 2011? I believe it leaves us with a challenge to our moral and intellectual integrity. The continuing usurpation of the six counties is illegitimate and illegal. Either we advocate for the 32 county Irish republic or we support those upholding the British colonial government. We can't have it both ways!

In his prophetic spirit, Patrick Pearse ends his graveside oration as follows: "Our foes are strong and wise and wary; but, strong and wise and wary as they are, they cannot undo the miracles of God who ripens in the hearts of young men the seeds sown by the young men of a former generation..... Rulers and Defenders of Realms had need to be wary if they would guard against such processes. Life springs from death; and from the graves of patriot men and women spring living nations. The Defenders of this Realm have worked well in secret and in the open. They think that they have pacified Ireland. They think that they have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half. They think that they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against everything; but the fools, the fools, the fools! — they have left us our Fenian dead, and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace."

Vic Sackett  --- Glenwood Landing, N.Y.

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Published in the Irish News March 4, 2011

Verdict eloquently proves McGeough’s point

AN "UNJUSTIFIABLE killing" is murder or manslaughter. Untruths stated under oath to cover up crimes constitute perjury and perverting justice.

David Cameron shows no inclination to charge anyone of any rank with committing or commanding "unjustified and unjustifiable" Bloody Sunday murders, or for perjury.

Shortly after Gerry McGeough is said to have joined the JRA, Majella O'Hare (12) was shot as she walked to confession. British troopers swore she was killed while they returned IRA fire. A Royal Marine was acquitted and sent back to patrol. Now the British admit that tales of an IRA sniper were made up.

No one was charged with perjury or perverting justice. RUC members swore they fired the plastic bullet in response to rioting. Film taken by a TV crew showed none of it was true.

A crown judge said too much time had passed and any charges would be a clear abuse of process. The same judge applied different rules to Gerry McGeough, for an incident four weeks earlier. Gerry McGeough was jailed for joining the IRA at.17 and taking part in an IRA ambush.

He was not charged by extradition warrant during his years in a notorious German bunker prison, or later imprisonment in America, or when he returned to Tyrone. He was arrested in March 2007 outside the polling centre where his votes were tallied in a case which brought new meaning to 'political policing'.

Now, four years later, despite a new compromised justice ministry, constabulary boards and partnerships, two heart attacks, abuse of process applications, and evidentiary weaknesses, that Diplock court prosecution ended in a verdict which seems to have proven McGeough's point more eloquently than his words.

Martin Galvin ---- New YorK City

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With St. Patrick's Day almost here millions of Americans will celebrate their Irish heritage, however large or small that may be. That I think is wonderful, but it should not be just once a year. I hope that as they are drinking and singing funny songs they remember that the country they are celebrating is still in some turmoil, even if not on the daily news like Egypt, Libya, et al.  

Ireland still has 6 counties occupied by England. There still are Irish political prisoners in English jails, Irish Republicans in cities such as Derry or Belfast still suffer harassment at the hands of British military patrols. One former prisoner (Martin Corey) after 18 years out of British prisons has been re-interned for nearly a year merely because of his Irish Republican principles. The RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) turn a blind eye as loyalists attack Irish Republicans, this is especially prevalent during notorious loyalist celebrations every July.  

Everyone enjoying St. Patrick's Day should, but they also should remember and honor the men and women still struggling, and in many cases risking their liberty or even their lives while striving for a peaceful and free Ireland.

DS Levey, Pasco

Belfast Telegraph -- Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Why republicans oppose royal visit

The proposed visit of the Queen of England to the 26-county state is intended to signal British occupation and the partition of Ireland is now normal and acceptable.

A visit by the head of the British state, while that state continues to occupy and partition Ireland, will be opposed by true republicans.

In 1911, patriots such as James Connolly, Maud Gonne and Helena Maloney led republican and progressive resistance to a similar attempt to pacify Ireland with a British royal visit.

They did so under the banner "Thou art not conquered yet, dear land" and, in 2011, those who have neither been purchased nor intimated will be sending out the same, clear message.

Mary Brennan --  Princeton, New Jersey

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Irish Echo  Jan. 12-18, 2011

 To the editor:

 Despite recent comments, Clan na Gael, the oldest Irish Republicanism organization in the world, has not been co-opted into the puppet Noraid organization or the Adams’ propaganda machine known as Friends of Sinn Fein.  Many individuals continue to insist on using the name of the clan but are light years away from the original organization established by Jerome Collins in 1867 and bear no resemblance to the republicanism of Theobald Wolfe Tone.  They resemble Clan na Gael about as much as the musical combo of the same name.

 The real, republican Clan na Gael still exists, and although in the minority, has no intention of compromising the vision of Tone, the sacrifices of generations of those who died for Ireland, or accepting anything less than a united Ireland without foreign interference, even if it is being enforced by their former brethren. 

 Gary Delaney -- Toms River, NJ


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